Poliro litho "roll-up" inking rollers

These rollers are available in several qualities:

Roll covered with Nitril-Rubber-PVC
This rubber quality is normally used for roll-up rollers. Used mostly for printing transparent primary colours.

Roll covered with Nitril-Rubber "nylon-flock".
The nylon fibres create a "peach-skin" , allows higher volumes of ink transfer. Good alternativ for leather rollers. Good for "roll-up-ink"

Roll covered with Nitril-Rubber "cotton-flock".
Even higher volume of ink transfer, because of the rough surface. Can absorb moisture, to avoid emulsification of ink. Good for testprints and earth tones.

There is a certain logic in the different qualities of the rollers. Some features:
  • The softness in degrees Shore. Lithor rollers are soft, to allow an easy transfer of ink.
  • The structure. The structure on the surface determines the quantity of ink that can be transferred, a rough structure transfers more ink than a smooth surface. A smooth roller should therefore be used for "delicate" ink ( tranparent inks + fine details). For darker colours a more structured surface is fine. For non drying "roll-up-ink" the roll should have some structure. (like leather)
  • Capacity to absorb moisture. This can be useful to avoid mixing of water and ink (emulsification). This capacity should be limited however, otherwise the stone will dry out too quickly.