Charbonnel Lithographic Drawing Ink, Tusche, etc.


Charbonnel, paste tusche, Litho ink drawer high grade. 125 Gram, #331140

Voorraadartikel, enkele dagen
Weight: ..

Charbonnel tusche, paste 125 gram

diameter can

11 cm


height can

6 cm



0,15 kg

0.35 lbs

Encre Lithographie Dessinateur High Grade
Litho Ink Drawer High Grade.
To be diluted with water or other solvent. Is used to draw the image on the stone.

Charbonnel, Black for rubbing up, roll-up ink, noir a monter, can 200 ml #331154

Weight: ..

Charbonnel Noir a Monter, Rubbing ink, Roll-up ink, 200 ml

diameter can

9 cm


height can

4 cm



0,28 kg

0.7 lbs

Lithographic Ink, not used for printing, but during preparation of the stone. After drawing and processing the image, roll-up ink is used to secure the image in the stone. After further processing, the stone can later be inked with printing ink, and printed.
'Tamarind'> The application of ink after the washout is one of the critical phases of stone processing. The objective is to deposit a layer of ink on the image, exactly duplicating the visual characteristisk of the original drawing. The inking procedure must be executed with care and deliberation, inasmuch as the stone is only partially desensitized by the first etch.
Assuming that the first etch has satisfactorily performed his function, the succes of the roll-up is continued by the type of ink employed, the technique of the roller manupulation, and the control of moisture on the stone.
Only the stiffest lithographic ink ( Roll-up Black ) is used for the roll-up process. Its minimum fatty contentand stiff consistency help to prevent fill-in of the partially desentisized stone. In addition, the ingredients of the best roll-up inks are specially selected for their resistance to the corrosive action of the second etch, which is necessary for the completion of desentization.