Graphic Chemical Conditioners in 1 lb cartridges (450 gr.)

These Graphic Chemical Conditioners come in 1 lb cartridges. A standard kit-gun is used to apply the conditioner, which allows more control.


Graphic Chemical, Etching Base #889, 1 lb cartridge, 450 gr

Graphic Chemical
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Etching Base is a fairly opaqie material, used to create your own custom colours or to modify existing inks. It is particularly suited to the addition of dry or flushed pigments to create an opaque etching ink.

Graphic Chemical, Tint Base Extender #1911, 1 lb cartridge, 450 gr

Graphic Chemical
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Tint Base Extender is just what the name implies - a product which extends the volume of the ink. Generally, it will transparentize the ink it is added to (making it slightly more transparent) or cause the ink to create a tint. Despite what it looks like in the can, it has no color of its own.

Graphic Chemical, Easy Wipe Compound #2353, 1 lb cartridge, 450 gr

Graphic Chemical
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A very popular additive to the etching inks is Easy Wipe Compound. More and more etchers are learning what it means to have complete control of the distribution and wiping of etching inks through the use of this product. Easy Wipe Compound is essentially a tack reducer which does not affect the colour or lightfastness of your favorite ink. Unlike Plate Oil, Easy Wipe Compound does not materially affect the body of the ink, but allows for great ease in wiping the plate with even the stiffest of inks.

Cranfield Caligo Wiping Compound, Tack reducer, 500 gr. WTC 83756

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De Cranfield Wiping Compound & Tack reducer is a multi purpose toevoegmiddel die voor al de Cranfield inkten op oliebasis kan worden gebruikt, inclusief de reeks Caligo inkten. Het zal de tack (kleefkracht) van de inkt verminderen maar de verdere kenmerken van de inkt handhaven. Het maakt het afslaan ook gemakkelijker. Het maakt de inktoverdracht gemakkelijker , zelfs als er zonder pers en op moeilijk papier wordt gedrukt. Het bevat enig minerale olie en daarom maximaal 3% (qua volume) toevoegen.
LET OP. Dit product kan ook als alternatief worden gebruikt voor de Easy Wipe van Graphic Chemical. Het is geschikt voor alle etsinkten op oliebasis.

Graphic Chemical Sureset Compound #2378, 1 lb cartridge

Graphic Chemical
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Sureset Compound reduces "the tack" of the ink to reduce the stickeness to the paper. The main main field however is lithography. It has an important effect on colour printing. By adding Sureset Compound in the first colours printed, the artist is able to keep those colours open for trapping of colours later. Sureset Compound is available in 1/4 pound tubes, one pound cans and cartridges.