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Barniz Retoque Blanco bola tierno, Charbonnel, 1 bola #331181 (FIN EXISTENCIAS)

Barniz Retoque Blanco bola tierno, Charbonnel,

Disponible hasta fin de existencias

(English) After leaving the plate in acid for the required time, remove the plate from the acid bath solution and remove the ground using the appropriate thinner: The amount of time you leave the plate in the acid depends on the acid's strength (measured using an acetometer), the room temperature and the depth you wish to give the stroke. The etching is then ready and on!y the finishing touches need be applied. A retouching ground can be applied to the plate which may then be retouched as required following the lines of the previous etching.

Normalmente, el barniz retoque en bola se aplica en caliente con muñequilla o con tampon.

  • La composicion del barniz blando retoque es pez, cera de abeja, sebo.
  • Extracto seco: 100%
  • Dureza: flexible
  • Aspecto que ofrece: transparente.
  • Consistencia de la bola: pastosa.
Dimensiones: diam. 4 cm, alturo 3 cm. peso 20 gr.

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