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Barniz Retoque Rodillo mordiente, Charbonnel, 40 gr. #331176

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(English)These are used to rework a plate that has been etched deep enough by the acid. They protect the surface of the plate without flowing into the recesses. They are, therefore, used to give the etched lines greater depth due to a fresh exposure to acid.
Se aplica con rodillo, en frio.

diametro 5 cm
alturo 4,5 cm
peso 50 gr.

  • El barniz mordiente de retoque está fabricado con cera de abeja, betun, resina de masilla, esencia de trementina.
  • Extracto seco: 61%
  • Aspecto que ofrece: opaco satinado.
  • Dureza: flexible.
  • La consistencia del barniz retoque mordiente es pastosa.
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