Hanco Lithographic Inks and Modifiers
Master Palette Lithographic Ink

Hanco Ink is the leading manufacturer of fine art printmaking inks and is the preferred choice among printmakers worldwide. Looking beyond the quality Hanco Ink is known for – it is also noteworthy that all Hanco Inks are vegetable based products giving printmakers a clean eco-friendly alternative to traditional oil based inks.

Hanco recently adapted the range of litho inks;
  the numbers are changing, some names have changed and some inks are out of the range. At Polymetaal we are now working hard to adapt the website to these changes.

Hanco Master Palette litho inks are produced for the discerning master printer who wishes to create lasting impressions and fine works of art. Our skilled formulators combine only the finest materials to produce these highly specialized inks. Specialty pigments carefully chosen for their fade resistance, rich color, and excellent lithographic properties and are finely ground on hardened steel mill rolls to produce the finest lithographic ink available.

At Hanco Ink we take our responsibility for a healthy environment as seriously as we take our responsibility for producing quality products. We proudly promote clean and environmentally friendly printmaking with our Master Palette litho Inks. Formulated as a vegetable-based ink system, these inks give the environmentally conscious printmaker the opportunity to minimize their impact on the environment while still producing high quality prints.

Product Features:

  • High strength vibrant colors
  • Excellent fade resistance
  • Finely ground pigment yielding superior performance
  • Environmentally friendly vegetable-based ink
  • Full body and tack, especially developed for hand lithography. Add some Setswell compound for semi-automatic machines.
  • Packaged in 1# and 5# cans for your convenience