This machine allows you to make your own ink and paint. Just mix the pigments and the oil, and other ingedredients, and make the ink/paint you want.

This machine consists mainly of three heavy cylinders, side frames, and the electric motor. The cylinders can be adjusted with the handwheels (visible on the images). The narrower the gap between the cylinders, the finer the pigment will be ground. All the components of color that enter between the cylinders will be mixed through the friction of this material between the turning cylinders. This proces developes heat. That is the reason why this machine is equipped with a pipe system through the cylinders to cool them with water while turning.
Length of the three cylinders 25 cm (10")
Diameter of the cylinders 15cm (6.3")
Outside dimensions H=160cm, W=80cm, L=90cm (63x31x35")
Weight appr. 400 kgs (880 lbs)
Power electric motor 2 kW, 380 Volts
Price Euro 2000,-- (excl. VAT)