User instructions for solid ball ground Graphic Chemical.


This etching ground comes in four varieties:
- soft and transparent (used for soft ground etching, without smoking the plate)
- soft and opaque (used for soft ground etching)
- hard and transparent (used for line etching: can be smoked)
- hard and opaque (used for line etching, without smoking the plate)

Applying the gound to the plate.

The plate is heated on top of a hot plate until the ball ground melts when pressed on the plate. Some spots on the plate receive some ground. A brayer is used (a leather covered roller) to distribute the ground evenly over the plate. No pressure is applied in rolling the plate. Continue rolling until a closed, even, thin layer is present on the whole surface of the plate. Depending upon the kind of ground and the kind of plate, the contrast might not be good enough to draw comfortably on the plate. In that case, the plate can be smoked. A special candle is used (some intertwined wicks). A normal candle works as well, but produces less smoke.
There is no need to smoke an opaque ground. If one uses soft ground etching there is no need for smoking either.
The ground can be removed with white spirit, but kerosene works as well. Kerosene is is also less harmfull.

Very important: Dust is a major problem, it makes the ground permeable. Try to avoid dust.
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