Various "photosensible" products


PRP, UV-light sensitive photopolymer, aerosol, 200 ml

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Fast drying photoresist, for the reproduction of electrical circuits, and images on metal. Sensitive to UV light, with excellent resolution and high contrast. A fine spray gives an even layer thickness. Excellent adhesion. Easy to develop with an alkaline developer as PDN photoresist developer. Resistant non-alkaline etchants.
Protect from sunlight and temperatures above 50 degrees Centegrade.. Keep out of the reach of children. Breathe in the mist and use it in a well ventilated area. Do not use near fire.

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PND Photoresist developer 250 ml

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In order to obtain e developer, dilute 1 part of this concentrated product with four parts water. The temperature of the solution needs to be around 20 degrees Celcius. Close the container well, after use.
This product must be used in combination with PRP 200 positive photoresist.

Keep out of reach of children. The product can cause burns, avoid contact with eyes and skin. Wear gloves and eye protection.

Liquid "photo etch emulsion" UV-sensitive, pot 200 gr.

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Photosensitive emulsion, apply with a brush to the plate. This can be done (short time) under non UV-light. Can be used as alternative for lamination of metal plates with a photopolymer film, such as ImagOn, Z*Acryl film, DK-film, Puretch, etc.
It is not an alternative for UV-sensible plates as "Solar plates" or "Toyobo plates". This emulsion can only be used as a photosensitive etching resist. A photosensitive resist hardens out , under UV light, if there is not an image blocking the light. The resist does not harden out if the UV-light is blocked by an image, and can be washed out. Next the plate is normally etched in ferric chloride. Then the etching ground is removed with "remover" or "soda-water-solution" or "mystrol". Then the plate is ready to be printed.
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Vloeibare "photo etch emulsion", UV lichtgevoelige emulsie, 1000 gr

Electra Polymers, Photrak
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Vloeibare lichtgevoelige emulsie, op te brengen op de metalen plaat met een kwast. Kan, kort, bewerkt worden bij TL-licht. Bedoeld als alternatief voor het lamineren van metaalplaten met fotopolymeerfilms, als ImagOn HD, Z*Acryl film, DK-film, Puretch, e.d.. Het is geen alternatief voor UV-lichtgevoelige flexografie platen zoals "Solarplates" of "Toyobo platen". De lichtgevoelige emulsie kan namelijk alleen gebruikt worden als lichtgevoelige etsgrond. Een lichtgevoelige etsgrond hardt uit op plaatsen waar geen beeld is, en wordt uitgewassen waar wel een beeld komt, waarna het beeld wordt uitgeëtst (meestal in ijzerchloride).
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Photo emulsion reducer, verdunner photo etch emulsion, 250 ml

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Photo Emulsion Reducer.

Hiermee kan de "photo-etch-emulsion" worden verdund. Dit kan bruikbaar zijn om de laagdikte van de fotopolymeer te verminderen. Des te dunner de fotopolymeerlaag, des te fijnere details kunnen worden gereproduceerd.

Stouffer 21 Step transmission guide T2115 0.5"x5"

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Is used to determine the correct exposure time