Handmade paper from the papermill "Moulin de Larroque"

This papermill, near Bergerac in France, produces hand made paper. Produced in the same way as has been done, on the same location, for centuries.

Built in the 13e century on the river « Couze » expressly for paper making, the « Moulin de Larroque » belonged to the Pope Clement V archbishop of Bordeaux. A dozen mills were making hand made papers. With the industrial revolution, many mills ceased to turn, including Moulin de Larroque.

In 1972, Georges Duchêne bought the property, restored it and put it back into production. He gave this mill its international good reputation. After 40 years Moulin de Larroque is still making natural papers for artistic techniques , watercolour, engraving, embossing, pastel, calligraphy, and framing. Some wellknown artists like Coignard, Leonor Fini, Alechinsky, Corneille, César… used these fine art papers.

In spite of the excellent paper quality it was not easy to compete with other paper mills, who use mould-machines and other modern equipment.
After Georges Duchênes death it became quite difficult to survive.
A Scotchman, who had been working many years in Hong Kong as a judge, wanted to retire in this part of the world. He decided, around 2010, to use his energy and resources to try to keep this papermill alive. Since that time the production is stable. This papermill deserves everybodies support to keep going!

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On this website we try to show, as accurate as possible, the structure and colour of the various papers. However, there will be always a difference between the display on the screen and "the real thing". This is because of many reasons.
Therefore it is advised, if in doubt, to acquire a paper sample, through our site.