History of the LANA Papermill

In the year 1590, Demenge Harlachol founded a paper mill in the Vosges area near a Gallo-Roman settlement named "Villa LANA". He was the first master craftsman for paper manufacturing at LANA.
His successors as paper makers acquired a name for themselves through their performance in the production of watermark papers, authentic rag papers and special papers in the 17th and 18th centuries. In the year 1664, a special event was an order for 50 rolls of paper with a watermark of a double "C" by Simon Belgrand, the court printer of the king of Toul. On this laid paper, a biography of Saint Philippe of Neri was published, which is thus the oldest known book to be printed on a paper supplied by LANA.

Among further precious publications are the Gutenberg Bible, printed on a laid paper with a watermark by the publishing company Les Incunables, also the first issue of the works of Voltaire, published by Beaumarchais and at the beginning of the 20th century, Hetzel published the works of Jules Verne. All were printed on papers manufactured by LANA.
This type of specially processed paper with personalised watermark is still produced today by LANA Papiers Spéciaux, for business, graphical and security papers.

In October 1872, a new factory was built in Strasbourg on a branch of the River Ill, the "Nouvelle Manufacture de Papier".

Initially using the name "Papeterie de la Robertsau", in 1925 the "Nouvelle Manufacture de Papier" was the first French Mill to produce cotton made papers from cellulose. Still, their reputation was based on the quality of their papers, which are mainly made for business correspondence. In 1980, the brand Distinction gained a substantial share on the international market. Five years later, the Group Aussedat - Rey took over the Papeterie de la Robertsau Mill and in 1989 became part of International Paper. At this time, the company developed excellent knowledge about the production of security and fireproof papers.
The LANA mill in the Vosges area was also bought in 1995 by International Paper. Five years later, the two companies merged, which resulted in a consolidation of the operation based in Strasbourg as we know it today.
In 2002, the company LANA Manufacture de Papier was founded, from which in March 2007 LANA Papiers Spéciaux resulted. Hahnemühle was introduced as a strong partner to do the worldwide distribution of these special papers.