Users Instructions ImagOn Ultra photopolymer films

5. Toner Wash Drawing

A Toner Wash Drawing simulates lithographic tusche washes. Almost any photocopy machine has spent toner that is thrown away. Toner is most hazardous when it is in powder form, so wear a dust mask when mixing dry toner.

  1. Mix up a toner, Future (acrylic based floor polish, alternative "Johnson Klar Polish") and alcohol mixture.
  2. First make a ink like liquid with toner and Future (about 50/50 mixture)
  3. Add alcohol. This promotes fast drying while creating toner reticulation.
  4. To further stimulate toner reticulation add a small amount of dish soap or water or both.
  5. Paint this Toner-Wash onto single sided (frosted) Drafting Mylar. If Toner-Wash is too thick add water. if it is not black enough add more toner. For more random textures spritz the wet Toner-Wash with window cleaner, water, alcohol, or soapy water.
  6. Once the Toner-Wash drawing is dry you can also scratch into the toner to make fine lines. Now it is ready to use as a positive for the IntaghoType.
  7. Exposure times will vary depending on your exposure unit.
  8. An Aquatint Screen should be used in conjunction with exposing the Wash- Drawing Intagho-Type to the ImagOn plate