Users Instructions ImagOn Ultra photopolymer films

13. Construction Intaglio-type

This is a new technique where pieces of IrnagOn are added to the plate and either developed and exposed together or separately. This provides a very creative way in which almost any plate can be explored.

  1. Any plate can be reworked with pieces of ImagOn film provide the 'carrier plate' is free from grease.
  2. Cut pieces of ImagOn film to desired sizes.
  3. Separately remove the peel-back layer from the film.
  4. Position onto the carrier plate and rub with your thumb and a dry cloth. You are basically pressing and rubbing each piece of film on to the plate.
  5. Make sure you do not overlap one piece of film on to another. This can be done only once the top Mylar is remoyed from each piece of ImagOn film.
  6. Once all the pieces of film have been stuck the plate can be covered with a larger piece of Mylar and run through the etching press to help the smaller pieces to stick.
  7. The ImagOn plate can be built up with a layering procedure that can create what simulates a 3D topographical map.
  8. Before developing the plate remove the top Mylar layer from each piece of ImagOn. Do this by catching the edge of the Mylar with the blade of an Exacto type retractable cutting knife.
  9. Development can be done in a tray with the normal soda ash development or it can be developed by brushing the developer onto the individual pieces of ImagOn film.