Users Instructions ImagOn Ultra photopolymer films

14. Layered-Intaglio-Type

More than one layer of ImagOn can be applied at the plate at one time. This allows not only for greater ink deposits in the plate but also allows for a unique plate making technique where different ImagOn layers can be exposed to either the Aquatint Screen or other images.

  1. After the first layer of Imagon has been applied to the plate it can be imaged or Aquatinted or simply left unexposed.
  2. Make sure that you remove the Mylar from the top of the first layer of ImagOn before applying the second layer. Apply the second layer of Imagon using the wet lamination technique. This is especially important with this technique as one layer of Imagon wants to readily and prematurely stick to the other.
  3. Some hard-ground type images would benefit from just Aquatinting the first layer of Imagon as this would provide an "insurance layer" if any of the hard-ground lines were thick enough to create what would normally result in open bite areas. Thus after the second layer of Imagon was applied to the plate you could expose the line drawing directly to the top layer of Imagon without using the Aquatint Screen exposure.
  4. The Layered Intagho-Type requires a prolonged development. Development is done as normal with the addition of hand-development after the 9 minute still development cycle. Rub the surface of the ImagOn plate while it is still in the developer using a soft sponge. This should be done for about 2 minutes or until the tooth of the lower layer of Imagon can be felt.

  5. Rinse, vinegar fix,rinse again, squeegee off the excess water and the dry.
  6. The plate is now ready for printing