Users Instructions ImagOn Ultra photopolymer films

15. Crackle-Intaglio-type

This is a new technique that allows printmakers to create a crackle effect which simulates the type of fine cracking that happens to ancient Chinese pots. It is an unusual technique because there is no exposure of the Imagon in the creation of this crackle effect. Thus after the ImagOn plate has been infused with this crackle it can be used for any number of the Intagho-Type techniques.

  1. Apply ImagOn film to the plate as usual
  2. Remove the Mylar layer
  3. Place the plate onto a hot plate set at about 130-150 °F (not enough to burn the skin) (55-65°C) Coat the plate with Gum Arabic using a brush or piece of card.
  4. The hot-plate accelerates the drying of the Gum Arabic and creates an unusual cracking effect on the ImagOn emulsion.
  5. After the Gum Arabic has completely dried place the plate into a normal 10% soda ash developing solution for 8-9 minutes.
  6. Then remove it, rinse with running water, fix with vinegar, wash and dry.

 If the plate is printed a 3 dimensional crackling will appear in the print. By itself all it represents is a great accidental effect. The creative challenge is to combine this technique with others to use it as part of the conceptual deyelopment of an idea. Exposing this plate to the Aquatint Screen and treating the plate as you would any of the Intaglio-Type techniques can achieve further creative development of this technique. Or you could rework the plate with Liquid Aquatint or Screen Filler.