Users Instructions ImagOn Ultra photopolymer films

18. Destruction Ground

This technique can be used in conjunction with the Hunt Speedball Screen Filler.

  1. Onto a degreased copper plate paint the Screen Filler. Vary the consistency of the Screen Filler by the amount of water in it. The thinnest areas of Screen Filler, the ones with the most amount of water added, will represent the darkest tones of the final image. The thicker areas will represent the lighter tones.
  2. Allow Screen Filler to completely dry.
  3. Back the copper plate with plastic packing tape
  4. Place the plate into the ferric chloride tank. Make sure that the aerator is off. Etch the plate from 1 to 3 hours depending on the desired results, the age of the ferric chloride and the thickness of the Screen Filler. The longer the etch the darker the results.
  5. Place the plate into the soda ash stripping tank for 1 hour or scrub the plate with Comet Cleanser and a pot scrubber to remove the Screen Filler.
  6. Remove the packing tape from the back of the plate with hot water
  7. Dry and print the plate.