Users Instructions ImagOn Ultra photopolymer films

21. Acrylic resist: Hard-Ground.
  1. Prepare the plate as for an Etched Intaglio-type
  2. Flow-coat a layer of acrylic Future floor finish (Johnson Klar Polish)(Z*Acryl hard ground solution)(see Polymetaal shop intaglio materials) over the copper plate
  3. Wait 20 minutes of so for the Future to dry.
  4. Coat the dry Future covered plate with Akua Color black ink. This provides the familiar black surface used in toxic hard-ground solutions. (no coloring needed for Z*Acryl hard ground solution) 
  5. Scratch a line drawing into the Future so at you can see the copper in the line. (The Akua Color does not need to dry for you to do this step)
  6. When hard-ground line work has been completed wash the Akua Color from the plate.
  7. Tape the back of the plate with packing tape or shelve liner to protect it from the Ferric Chloride or Edinburgh Etch mordant.
  8. Make a folded tape strap on the back of the plate to hang it into the vertical tank.
  9. Hang it in the Ferric with the bubbler on for 5 minutes then pull it out to see where it is biting the plate. It should turn brown anywhere the plate is being etched by the mordant
  10. If necessary scratch any lines that are not etching.

Check plate every 20 minutes by pulling it out of the Ferric and feeling the depth of the line. Depending upon the strength of the etch ant it could take 30 minutes to an hour to get a strong black.