Users Instructions ImagOn Ultra photopolymer films

22. Lift Ground

A lift ground is based on the premises that oil and water don't mix. The grounds in Acrylic Resist Etching (A.R.E.) are water-based and will not stick to an oily surface.

  1. Prepare the plate as for an etched intaglio-type
  2. Degrease the plate.
  3. Place an oily substance anywhere that you want the copper to etch. Litho crayons, Crisco, Vaseline or even corn oil will work.
  4. Flow-coat the plate with Future (Johnson Klar Polish, Z*Acryl hard ground solution).
  5. Let the Future dry naturally.
  6. With a hair dryer and a paper towel, heat the surface of the future and wipe off the greasy areas. The future should lift wherever there was grease. Clean the plate with magnesium carbonate, otherwise the oil will act as a resist to the etchant