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We see as one of our tasks to offer to printmakers information and products that help to reduce health risks and  danger to the environment.

Umweltfreundliche Druckgraphik
This pages are under construction.
The "non-toxic-printmaking" area is in constant development.
Many people and institutions are working on it, especially in the U.S.A. and the United Kingdom. This makes however the subject not very surveyable. Sometimes the presentation of new techniques is too difficult to understand for the average artist.
All in all enough reason to try to bring some system into these techniques. On these pages an attempt will be done to create a sort of "order" in all those different approaches.
On this page one finds links to "non toxic printmaking sites".
Some of these are linked to pages on this Polymetaal site, where one can find a brief description of the technique in question.
From those pages on more detailed information is given on other pages.
With this approach the author (Hugo Bos) tries to make the reader familiar with the general outlines of a specific techniques, before he risks to be drowned in all the details of it. It is also an aim to make comparisons of different techniques on these pages. In the end it might give a tool to the artist that can help to choose the appropriate technique in a specific situation.
Links to "Non toxic Printmaking" web sites:

ShopFactory (TM). Click Here.