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Welcome to the old Polymetaal site
12th February 2017

This is the old Polymetaal website!

This old site still works and orders can be placed, but the prices are no longer valid. This old site is no longer updated.

For the new site go to: www.polymetaal.nl

The prices on this website are no longer valid !!

  • You can still order via this website, but we will give you the right price in a quote.
  • We are working daily on the further development of the new site, but there are products that are currently only on the old site, so we still have to keep both sites alive, for the time being.
  • You do not pay your order during check-out. We will process your order first en then send you a payment request
  • Your "On-Line-Order" is definite, unless you indicate on the ordering form that you wish to know the shipping costs before hand. Polymetaal will always choose the cheapest method of shipment. You will automatically receive a copy of your order. You pay only after having received a payment request or an invoice.
  • Polymetaal will send you, normally within 2 working days, a confirmation of your order, including payment conditions, delivery time, and if required, the shipping costs. Please be patient if it takes a bit longer. New clients can be requested to pay in advance.
  • The goods and the invoice will be sent seperately. Prices are excl. 21 % VAT
  • Orders of less than € 100,-- will be subject to a € 5,-- handling charge.
  • Of course you can also order by phone, fax, letter or e-mail. 21 % VAT only applies within the E.U.
    All prices are provisional !



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