Welcome to the Polymetaal site
October 4th, 2012
We are working on a new web site, but this site is not yet operational: www.polymetaal.nl/home.html
The existing site has no problems anymore with Internet Explorer!

  • You do not pay your order during check-out. We will process your order first en then send you a payment request
  • Your "On-Line-Order" is definite, unless you indicate on the ordering form that you wish to know the shipping costs before hand. Polymetaal will always choose the cheapest method of shipment. You will automatically receive a copy of your order. You pay only after having received a payment request or an invoice.
  • Polymetaal will send you, normally within 2 working days, a confirmation of your order, including payment conditions, delivery time, and if required, the shipping costs. Please be patient if it takes a bit longer. New clients can be requested to pay in advance.
  • The goods and the invoice will be sent seperately. Prices are excl. 21 % VAT
  • Orders of less than € 100,-- will be subject to a € 5,-- handling charge.
  • Of course you can also order by phone, fax, letter or e-mail. 21 % VAT only applies within the E.U.
    All prices are provisional !

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Opening times and reachability of Polymetaal
  • Polymetaal does not have a shop. In daytime we are in "machine-shop" in Leiden in Leiden, (Evertsenstraat 69 C) where the printmaking equipment is produced and from where all shipments are sent out. You are welcome, by appointment only.
  • Printmaking supplies are stored in our warehouse in Oude Wetering (Kerkstraat 8). Orders are picked in the evening and made ready for shipment the next day. You are welcome, on saturday's and by appointment only.
  • In order to work efficiently we try to work as much as possible with internet and e-mail. Of course you can always call us on the phone, but probably you get a faster and better reply if done by e-mail.
  • If you want to reach the owner of Polymetaal, Hugo Bos, you are kindly asked to do that by e-mail. Because of frequent travelling he often cannot be reached by phone. Many questions cannot be answered easily by phone and it is fair towards people to process e-mail in chronological order.

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