Payment options, only pay when you have received a request to do so!
During the ordering procedure you can choose from the following payment methods:
no surcharge
RABO-bank, account nr. of Polymetaal
IBAN (Intern.Bank Acc.Nr.) NL54RABO.
BIC: RABONL2U (=Swift code). Please use IBAN for international papyments; your payment will then be charged as a local bank transfer.
cash on delivery

You can always collect the goods at our works in Leiden. The goods can often also be delivered at your door, especially if equipment has to be assembled in your studio. Regularly we deliver personally in the U.K., Ireland, France, Belgium and Germany. (other countries also but less frequent)

within 30 days after date on invoice

This possibility is only open to institutions and known clients, but only after permission of Polymetaal.

per cheque, surcharge

Payment per cheque is not anymore possible. Processing cheques costs now 65 euro!! We do not accept cheques anymore. Not need for cheques, there are nowadays many other ways to pay.

Polymetaal does not accept creditcardpayment directly, but uses Multisafepay or Paypal as intermediary for creditcard payments. It simplifies our administration.
Surcharge 2%
This payment system can be used by everybody!! You don't need to have a Multisafepay-account, very simple.

A Dutch payment intermediary, very useable in foreign countries. You can pay here with creditcards, bankcards, Ideal, Giro-payment, etc.
Surcharge 2%

Paypal is an international payment intermediary. You can pay through Paypal with creditcard, if you have a Paypal account.
(don't use it when you don't have a paypal account; in which case you will receive our Paypal Money Request in DUTCH!)
Click here for the Paypal internet site