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Printmaking Workshops
The Netherlands
  • Atelier TORBEN BO HALBIRK A printmaking workshop in Paris, France, regularly visited by artists from different countries. Etching and lithography.
United Kingdom

the Netherlands

Organisations for Printmakers
  • Art2u A site as a work of art, with; events, news, a bookstore, gallery and links about art, film, photography, design, illustration and printmaking.
  • Estampe.Be A site dedicated to printmaking in Belgium. Worth a visit. Mainly in French.
  • On this page many links to webpages with: supplies, equipment, museums/galleries, printmakinghistory, on-line magazines, relief printmaking, non-toxic printmaking, printmaker organisations, commercial fine art presses, workshops, fellowships, studios, university programs.
  • Printmaking On-line DiscussionA very useful platform for exchanging ideas, opinions, questions and answers about printmaking.
  • World Printmakers. Contemporary graphic work from Round the World. Well worth a visit!!
  • Screen printing, Art Editioning, Cut Vinyl Bureau, Digital Imagining, Links
  • This site is designed to provide quick access to art department and print area home pages. Wherever possible, you'll be directed to the university's studio art or printmaking page. Only U.S.
  • The [Baren] Forum for Woodblock Printmaking.
  • World Wide Arts Resources A professional site with links all over the world to; artists, museums, exhibitions, art schools, film, literature, photography, scultpture, drawing, etc.
  • Homepage for Dutch Fine Arts
  • Art Seek, connecting artists with the world.
  • Etcher's Homepage An art work collection of many printmaking artist's

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