Hanco, discontinued conditioners for Lithography
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Hanco started with two ranges of lithographic ink: "Standard Palette" and "Master Palette". Some time ago Hanco decied to change it into one range. Also the number of colours was limited and names, numbers and descriptions were changed.

Below you see the Hanco conditioners that did not survive the reorganisation....

Available till end of stock.


Hanco Litho Varnish #0000 (MS-1110) 1 pint, 0,5 liter (till end of stock)

几天。 可用直到库存结束; 停产
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Litho Varnish is a commonly used ink modifier by heating linseed oil for specific periods of time to create various viscosities. It is available in consistencies ranging from the thin bodied #0000 varnish upwards to heavier bodied #7 varnish. Litho varnish may be used to increase the body of an ink when using a stiffer varnish or to soften an ink when using thinner bodied varnishes. This is the thinnest varnish #0000.

Weight 0,55 kg. Dimensions: 10x5x16 cm
till end of stock