Various papers

Blotting paper, silk paper (tissue paper), newsprint, etc.

Sheets in tubes or on rolls

PAY ATTENTION. The paper is rolled up in the tubes. Before use it must be made flat, by moistening the paper and to keep plane for a while. This is often necessary in preparation for printing.


Blotting paper, 86 x 122 cm (34"x48"), 315 gram, cotton content, tube with 5 sheet

art. nr.
重 量: ..

Blotting paper, cotton content, and buffered with calcium carbonate, to keep the pH Value above 8.5. Because of the cotton content is this paper very soft and it absorbs moisture and ink very easily. If used carefully and dried after use, it can be used several times. Archival quality.

Dimensions tube; diameter 14 cm (5.5"), length 125 cm (49"). Weight 2 kg (5 lbs)