Users Instructions ImagOn Ultra photopolymer films

3. Developing Solution - 10 gram soda ash to 1 liter of water

Soda ash is a dehydrated form of the soda we normally find in shops. Chemically it is the same, only the "normal" soda contains water and is therefore less active than the dehydrated soda. (soda ash). If you use the normal soda, you should adapt the quantity. The quantity of soda (ash) also depends upon the hardness of the local water. The more calcium in the water (harder) the more soda you need. Just try to find the right solution.

  1. Dissolve 10 grams of soda ash in 1/4 cup of hot water
  2. Add room temperature water to make 1 liter of solution, at about 65-70° Fahrenheit (18-21° Celsius)
  3. Pour solution into a photo-developing tray
  4. Remove the top layer of Mylar from the film on the ImagOn laminated plate. A way to do this is sliding with your hand palm over a corner until the top mylar will separate from the emulsion.

  5. Carefully place the plate in the developer, image side up, be sure the plate is fully covered in solution
  6. Cover the developing tray with an opaque lid, so no stray UV light can enter
  7. Leave undisturbed for 9 minutes- do not agitate-
  8. When 9 minutes are up put on rubber gloves and carefully remove plate from developer solution and rinse under room temperature water
  9. SPECIAL NOTE for the Layered-Intaglio-Type method; When developing a double layer you will need to employ hand development, using a sponge, for the last 2 minutes of the development cycle. Be sensitive to the feel of the tooth on the surface of the plate as it becomes more and more exaggerated during this procedure.

  10. After development cycle rub the ImagOn plate lightly, with soft sponge, while under running water, to remove the slimy blue emulsion residue
  11. Spritz plate with white vinegar and rub vinegar into plate, to fix and stabilize image
  12. Rinse again with water

  13. Squeegee off excess water

  14. Blot dry any residual water on the ImagOn emulsion with soft cloth or paper towel
  15. Finally heat dry to set and harden ImagOn Ultra. This can be done by either placing it a drying cabinet, on a well ventilated hot plate, set at about 130 ° Fahrenheit (54° Celcius), or by using a hair dryer for about 3 minutes per square foot, (20 seconds per square decimeter) or by placing it in direct sunlight for about 15 minutes

  16. The plate is now ready for inking