Users Instructions ImagOn Ultra photopolymer films

11. Mezzo-type
  1. Laminate film to plate
  2. Expose film to an Aquatint Screen
  3. Still develop for 9 minutes and then for 30 seconds with a sponge or until the rough aquatint texture of the plate can be felt.
  4. Hunt Speedball Screen-Filler is then applied to the plate. For differing effects this can be done when it is wet or dry. The thicker the Screen-Filler the whiter will be that area in the resultant print
  5. A wash effect can be achieved by painting the Screen Filler onto a wet plate. A dry plate will give more distinctive brush shapes.
  6. Hair dry (or in drying cabinet) a thick layer of Screen Filler and it will crack
  7. Washing off a partially dried Screen Filler can give you some interesting lines
  8. Soap can make a wet screen filler reticulate
  9. Once the screen filler is dry the plate is ready to print

***You can choose to develop specific areas by cutting into the surface layer of Mylar on top of the ImagOn plate and removing them prior to developing. This effectively creates stencils where the Mezzotype technique can be combined with the Spit-Bite lntaglio-Type on the one plate.