Users Instructions ImagOn Ultra photopolymer films

12. Spit-Bite Intaglio-type

This is a highly intuitive technique, which offers the printmaker the subtlest watercolor type washes possible. The key to this technique is experience and keen observation sills. As the soda ash developer reacts with the ImagOn plate it turns a bluish color. The more the bluish tinge turns light blue the more it is eating into the Imagon film. Thus the deeper will be the mark produced. This is a great technique to use in combination with two layers of ImagOn film. Either the bottom layer can be Aquatinted independently from the top layer of ImagOn or they acan be Aqautinted simultaneously.

  1. Laminate the film to the plate
  2. Expose the film to an Aquatint Screen
  3. Mix three small batches of different strength soda ash developer; l0 gms of soda ash to 1 liter, 25 gms to 1 liter and 50 gms to 1 liter.
  4. Remove top layer of Mylar from the ImagOn plate

  5. Draw on the ImagOn-emulsion using one of the different strengths of soda ash developers. I recommend starting with the weaker strengths of developers and finishing with the strongest. Water can be added to the plate at any time to increase the subtlety of the spit-bite mark. Use paintbrushes of different sizes and bamboo or other types of dip pens.
  6. Strong developer makes darker lines, thinner brushes make finer lines. Do not let the strong developer sit on plate for more then 2 minutes or it will open bite
  7. Rinse the plate as you would for a still development
  8. Set with vinegar. Wash, dry and proof if desired.
  9. This can be done repeatedly, develop, rinse, repeat
  10. Wet-on-wet can give you some wonderful washes
  11. After final rinse, dry and heat set the plate
  12. The plate is ready for printing. This is a great technique to mix Mezzo-type, Screen Filler or Liquid Aquatint