Users Instructions ImagOn Ultra photopolymer films

24. Acrylic Resist Aquatint

An Acrylic Resist Etching Aquatint can be a very strong black and can be added to a worked plate at atmost any time as long as you properly degrease the plate. You will need an airbrush and a spray booth. The liquid aquatint should not be inhaled.

  1. Prepare you plate as for an etch intaglio-type.
  2. Degrease your plate.
  3. Airbrush pressure should be between 20 and 40 PSI (lbs/sq.inch) (20 PSI= 1,4 bar = 1,4 kg/cm2 )(40 PSI=2,8 bar = 2,8 kg/cm2)
  4. The Hunt Speed ball Screen Filler diluted with 30% water is one recommended acrylic Aquatint Solution. The other is the Badger Acrylic Aquatint Solution. Each can be airbrushed onto a copper. Spray evenly with about a 60-80 percent coverage.
  5. Let dry.
  6. Protect the back of the plate with tape or shelve paper.
  7. Hang in the etchant. I do not recommend the use of aerator with an aquatint.
  8. Check the plate every 20 minutes.
  9. After the plate has etched clean it with Comet Cleanser or Ajax and dry.
  10. Remove the backing tape and dry. The plate is now ready to print.